General Information

Sri Lankan Nationals living in Singapore

Applicant should come in person to submit the application

Every applicant, including children, requesting a NMRP should be present for an interview with all relevant documents at the Consular Division of the High Commission.

A Temporary Passport (NMRP) will be issued for a short period, and is cancelled upon arrival in Sri Lanka.

Payment Details

Payment should be made ONLY in CASH at the counter

Application Fee: SGD 230

Required Documents

The following original documents with one set of photocopies should be submitted. Originals will be returned after due verification.

  • Statement (Letter) made by the Applicant regarding the lost of Passport
  • Police Report obtained from a local Police Station
  • Copy of the lost Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Singapore/Brunei SPR/EP/”S” Pass/DP/LTVP/Student Pass/WP
Specification of Photographs
  • 3 (Three) Passport size (3.5cm x 4.5cm) colour photographs taken within 3 months and it should not be gloss or semi-gloss
  • The background and dress should not be in same colour
  • The face must be clearly visible without any makeup and other effects
  • Both ears and forehead must be clearly visible
  • The photo should show the applicant’s eyes clearly without spectacles
Application Form (Download HERE)

Both forms must be filled and submitted by the applicant

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