Sri Lanka Citizens who are granted with the Singapore Citizenship

Required Documents

The following original documents with two sets of photocopies should be submitted. Original birth certificate will be returned after due verification.

  • Letter issued by the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority regarding the Citizenship
  • Original Birth Certificate (if the Original Birth Certificate is in Tamil, a translation should be submitted)
  • If the applicant was born in Singapore:
  • Original Birth certificate of the child issued by the Competent Authority in Singapore/Brunei
  • Original Consular Birth Certificate issued by the High Commission
  • Applicant should submit the original Citizenship Certificate to the High Commission in-order to forward it to the Citizenship Division in Sri Lanka
  • Original Sri Lankan Passport
  • National Identity Card of Sri Lanka (if the National Identity Card is not with the applicant /lost there should be an original Police Report obtained from the Singapore Police Force and submitted)
  • The original Police Report should be signed by an authorised officer. (no e-reports will be accepted)

Payment Details

Payment should be made ONLY in CASH at the counter

Application Fee: SGD 70

Application Form (Download HERE)


Applicants who are renouncing their Sri Lankan Citizenship at the age of 21, who are born in Singapore, and have never obtained a Sri Lankan Passport or National Identity Card should submit an explanatory letter to the Controller, Immigration and Emigration Department, Colombo, for not obtaining the said two documents.