Covid 19 Vaccination Guideline – Applicable to all Arrivals via Airports in Sri Lanka.

1. Vaccination Status
1.1Fully Vaccinated Status in Sri Lanka

  • Considered as fully vaccinated, if taken two-dose vaccine (Pfizer, Sinopharm, Moderna, AstraZeneca etc) or recommended combination of vaccine (E.G. Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca) or if taken a single dose vaccines (E.g. Jansen etc.) and depart 14 Days after obtaining the vaccine.
  • Persons who had obtained a single dose of two-dose vaccine prior or post COVID-19 infection during past 06 months period.

1.2 Fully Vaccinated Traveller

  • COVID-19 vaccination (recommended doses) completed; and,
  • Departure 14 Days after completing recommended doses of vaccination for COVID-19.

2. Vaccination Certificate

  • Do not require to produce upon arrival to Sri Lanka
  • It is strongly recommended to have the vaccination certificate with the traveller during the stay in Sri Lanka to produce to the medical personnel when and if required.

3. Testing Requirements

  • Pre-departure testing for COVID-19 is not required.
  • If a traveller shows COVID-19 like symptoms and signs, you may subjected for PCR/RA testing by an authorized medical personnel.

4. Health Declaration Forms

  • Submission of HDF is not required.

5. COVID-19 Hospitalization / Isolation.

  • Hospitalization Insurance Cover – Not required
  • If foreign nationals/tourists become COVID-19 positive after arriving to Sri Lanka, they should isolate for 7 days in a private hospital/hotel/place of residence. The cost of treatment/isolation should be borne by foreign nationals/tourists.

6. Public Health Measures

  • No specific restrictions imposed in regard to COVID-19 disease in Sri Lanka.
  • It is strongly recommended to adhere to basic public health measures (wearing of face mask, social distancing and hygienic requirements etc.) if you have any flu-like symptoms, or if you are in a gathering, in a public event in a poor ventilated environment.

Last updated – 22nd December 2022
Source – Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka

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