When a complaint is made to the High Commission, by the employee or employer, the officers of the Labour Section talk to both parties concerned and make an attempt to solve the problem.

In some instances, they are requested to come to the High Commission in person.

step 2

If the employee has been recruited through an employment agency, the agency is also asked to intervene in the matter, especially if the worker is to be transferred to a new employer.

step 3

In instances where a solution cannot be found the matter is referred to the Ministry of Manpower.

In extreme situations the High Commission will seek legal advice and in cases of physical abuse report the matter to the Police.

Migrant Workers

Repatriation Procedures

The repatriation process is undertaken by the respective employers of FDWs.

Rights of Migrant Workers

The housekeeper agrees to serve the Employer for a period of two years.

*The employer shall bear the cost of return air ticket of the Housekeeper to Sri Lanka.

Contract may be extended/ renewed by mutual consent of both parties for another period of not more than two years with an increase of salary by a minimum of 10%. Under such terms the Housekeeper shall be allowed by the employer a paid vacation leave to be spent in Sri Lanka for a period of not less than 15 days for each contract of service with her return air ticket paid by the employer.

If the return air ticket provided by the employer is not utilized by the housekeeper at the end of two years contract, the cash payment in lieu of the cost of the return air ticket must be paid to the housekeeper.

The contract may not be cancelled before its termination without the consent of the two parties.

The housekeeper shall reside in the employer’s residence and required to perform the normal chores in the employer’s household. In no case shall she be required to work for other households or require her to work at his business establishment or other places of work.

The employer shall pay the housekeeper a minimum monthly salary of S$ 500/- to be paid on the last day of each month. A record of receipt of salary has to be maintained duly signed by housekeeper and employer.

The employer shall provide the housekeeper with free accommodation and free adequate meals three times a day. The employer shall also provide the housekeeper with free uniform whenever necessary.

The employer shall provide the housekeeper four paid holidays per month and eight hours of undisturbed sleep during night except in special cases where reasonable rest hours should be given (during working hours). If the housekeeper agrees to no off day, a sum of payment as stated in the In Principle Approval (IPA) issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) must be paid in lieu of the same.

The employer shall provide the housekeeper with free medical services. In case of ailment, injury or accident arising out of and/or in the course of employment, the employer shall immediately repatriate the domestic housekeeper to Sri Lanka with transportation fare through the insurance coverage provided by the employer for the housekeeper.

It is understood that the parties shall abide by the provisions of relevant Singapore Law for the compensation, recoverable from the insurance policy if any.

In case of death, the employer shall bear the expenses for repatriation of the remains of the housekeeper and her personal effects to her relatives in Sri Lanka, or if, the repatriation of the remains is not possible under the circumstances, the proper disposition thereof upon previous arrangements with the workers next-of-kin, or in the absence of the latter, the Sri Lanka Labor Attaché/High Commission of Sri Lanka in Singapore *when appropriate policy can be activated upon the death of the housekeeper.

*Working hours of the employee shall not exceed twelve staggered hours per day. Employer should provide free passage from site of employment back to Sri Lanka.