Required Documents

The following original documents with one set of photocopies should be submitted. Originals will be returned after due verification.

  • Birth Certificate of the child issued by the Competent Authority in Singapore/Brunei
  • Copies of the bio page of the Parent’s Passports
  • If the applicant was born outside of Sri Lanka, the Citizenship Certificate/Receipt of the Application of Citizenship, if the applicant is a citizen by registration, the Citizenship Certificate.
  • Residence proof in Singapore/Brunei
Specification of Photographs
  • 3 (Three) Passport size (3.5cm x 4.5cm) colour photographs taken within 3 months and it should not be gloss or semi-gloss
  • The background and dress should not be in same colour
  • The face must be clearly visible without any makeup and other effects
  • Both ears and forehead must be clearly visible
  • The photo should show the applicant’s eyes clearly without spectacles
General Information

Temporary Passport (NMRP) will be issued within 10-14 days from the date of registration of the child’s birth.

Every applicant, including children, requesting a NMRP should be present for an interview with all relevant documents at the Consular Division of the High Commission.

A Temporary Passport (NMRP) is valid only for six months, and is cancelled upon arrival in Sri Lanka.

Payment Details

Payment should be made ONLY in CASH at the counter

Application Fee: SGD 74