The Labour Section of the High Commission of Sri Lanka in Singapore is established to ensure the well-being of the Sri Lankan Migrant workers residing in Singapore and also to seek more employment opportunities for the skilled and unskilled Sri Lankan Labour Force in Singapore.

The Labour Section directly collaborates with the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment ( which is the government entity responsible for all Migrant Workers departing Sri Lanka.

The Labour Section of the High Commission of Sri Lanka in Singapore consists of 3 members, including 1 diplomatic official and 2 technical staff members.

Mr. Nipuna M Thibbutumunuwa

Counsellor (Employment & Labor Welfare)

Ms. Sushanthi De Kauwe

Assistant to the Labour Section

Labour Section of the High Commission has created two social media groups on WhatsApp to maintain a close relationship with the Sri Lankan Migrant Workers (MW) community residing in Singapore. High Commission expects all migrant workers to join the WhatsApp group to keep themselves updated on important news related to welfare activities, training programs, important updates from the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore (, etc.;

To join the WhatsApp group, scan either QR codes below using the WhatsApp camera (Open WhatsApp-> Click on the camera icon-> Scan the QR code-> Click “Join Group”)

Useful Emergency Contacts in Singapore. Following contacts may be helpful until the assistance of the High Commission is conveyed in emergency situations.

Police: 999 or 71999 for SMS

MOM: 1800 221 9922

Centre for Domestic Employees/ CDE: 1800 2255 233

Foreign Domestic Workers Association for Social Support and training/ FAST: 1800 339 4357

Primary concerns of the LaboUr Section
  • Facilitating other welfare benefits (Refer to:

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